BHS Class of ’67 Reunion

  • Nathan Kapner: Photo Memories

    Hey Tors, I’m not sure of the dates but these photos are real keepers from our BHS Days! They are from Nathan Kapner’s photo collection & he provided the following caption for the graduation night picture: “The end. I made it. Next Stop Vietnam.” How many classmates can you identify from the group shot???  

  • Alamo Elementary- Thanks Bert Thompson

    Howdy, Bert kindly allowed me to post a photo he took of his BFF’s at Alamo Elementary. And, thanks to Judy Battistoni Brewer, most of these adorable boys are identified: Bottom – the Davis twins – Jesse and Louis – Harvey Bazaman, Harris Nussenblatt, Eddie Framer, Philip Lipnick, Jimmy Fish, Danny Popovich – I don’t […]

  • Memories from August 1966- John Hamilton

    From: John Hamilton… I was working in Rosenberg Library, but I was preparing to quit because I had been picked to be the ROTC battalion commander the previous May. Our professor of military science the year before was MAJ William Bonnstetter, who had left to serve a tour as a South Vietnamese Army advisor that […]

  • Countdown to Graduation/GOLDEN Reunion

    Hi BHS Class of 1967, The Countdown to the GOLDEN Anniversary of our Graduation has officially begun: 50 years ago this month, we were all preparing for our Senior Year at Ball High School! Do you remember what you were doing in August of 1966? Ending a summer job… back-to-school shopping…practicing for football, Tornettes, band, […]

  • Plans for GOLDEN Reunion

    Hi BHS ’67 Classmates, On June 12th, volunteers joined Reunion Coordinators to finalize details for our GOLDEN Reunion. Monica Fisher O’Donohoe graciously opened her home for yet another meeting. We figure she has done this for at least 4 reunions, but our memories are all a bit fuzzy… Reminder: If you would like to volunteer […]

  • Pre-BHS Reunion Gathering

    Hey Tors, On Sat, June 11th, an excited group of BHS ’67 classmates met in Galveston to kick-off our 50th reunion planning. Many reunion ideas were contributed, lots of contact info was shared and attendees happily completed Save-the-Date cards to be mailed to our classmates without current emails. Attendees: Debbie (Garcia) Aiello; Mike Burke; Kyle […]

  • Missing your 1967 yearbook?

    Hi Tors, If you are one of many classmates who have either lost their yearbooks or never had one, check out the great website Bill Adriance created: This website is VERY helpful when trying to put a face to a name when telling old BHS stories 🙂   Your Reunion Coordinators

  • Reunion Golf, Anyone???

    Hey Classmates, As we update our database and spread the word about our GOLDEN, many people share reunion ideas with us. Scott Phillips’ Golf at Moody Gardens is the latest suggestion. Any BHS Class of ’67 golfers out there who will take the lead on this one? Your Reunion Coordinators  

  • “Found” Classmates

    Hey Tors, Thanks to help from Nathan Kapner, Mimo Milosevich and Martin Bronstein, we have taken 3 names off our Missing Classmates List! Now on the Found List are:  Charles Davis, Recy Dunn and Robert Fort.  And, we have some hot tips for a few more… If you have information about any of the remaining […]

  • First GOLDEN Reunion Registrations

    Hey Tors, On Sun, May 15th the first group email announcing our GOLDEN Reunion was sent…and by nightfall, we received 20 registrations! At this rate, our GOLDEN is sure to pass all previous reunion attendance records. Definitely a celebration you don’t want to miss 🙂 BHS ’67 Trivia: The very first couple to officially register […]